Find your new thrill

With Artu the road is always a daring one. Adventures on land or at sea, or fitness pursuits from the leisurely to the gruelling, there’s always something to do.

We can add that extra thrill to any holiday for you.



Be your best physical self

Build up your fitness to the point of optimal performance, endurance and strength so you feel your best self and live each day healthier and happier.


Find your harmony

Yoga is a transformative practice that harmonises the body, mind, and spirit. Through a combination of physical postures, controlled breathing, and meditation, yoga offers a holistic approach to wellness. It cultivates strength, flexibility, and balance in the body while simultaneously promoting mental clarity and emotional stability.

Take a class in Artu’s tranquil studio or take a mat outside and sit amidst the serenity of the estate’s surrounding nature. Take a class one-on-one, with family, friends or fellow guests, or just enjoy a moment alone.


Climb the foothills

Hiking in the foothills of the Pyrenees around the Artu lodge is an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of this rugged countryside. Take in the amazing variety of scenery - from lush valleys to jagged peaks and pristine lakes - while working up a sweat as you climb some of the best, most well-maintained trails in Spain.

Trails range in difficulty so there’s something for the more experienced mountaineer to those wanting to casual hike and improve fitness.

Trail Running

Head out on the trails

Trail running is an exhilarating and liberating sport that takes running to the next level. Forget pounding the pavement; the trail running around Can Terrades means navigating rugged paths, undulating hills, and remote wilderness areas.

Experience running with a profound connection to the environment and get a hit from this challenging physical and mental workout like no other. Testing your agility, balance, and adaptability, trail running here offers a sense of adventure, mindfulness, and a deep appreciation for the wild places left in the world.



Let your inner daredevil loose

The thrill of the unknown beckons. Lace-up your metaphorical boots and let your Artu adventure take you to new horizons.

Hot Air Balooning

The sky's the limit

Hot air ballooning in Girona is a magical experience that allows you to float above the picturesque landscapes of Catalonia, Spain. Drifting gently with the wind, you'll witness the enchanting beauty of Girona's countryside, characterised by rolling vineyards, mediaeval villages, and the stunning Pyrenees mountains in the distance.

We’ll arrange with local hot air ballooners Aircat for you to go up as the sun rises or sets so you get to witness the beauty of the golden hour in Girona. With only the occasional whoosh of the burner flame breaking the silence, Artu believes it’s a truly serene and contemplative experience.

Sky Diving

Jump into the unknown

Skydiving is the ultimate adrenaline-pumping adventure, where the thrill of freefall and the sensation of soaring through the open sky combine to create an unforgettable experience. Skydive Empuria Brava, a company local to the area, will take you up to then let you freefall about the sea, lakes, natural parks and mountains around Girona - giving you an eye-opening chance to see this mesmerising countryside.

Skydiving demands courage, trust in your equipment, and a willingness to embrace the unknown. It's an opportunity to conquer fear, challenge boundaries, and revel in the extraordinary feeling of defying gravity, making it a bucket-list adventure for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies worldwide. It’s the Artu adventurous spirit personified.


Go with the flow

Artu canyoning experiences with Adventura Girona invite participants to explore the hidden wonders of Girona’s natural water parks. An exhilarating adventure, it involves navigating through canyons, gorges, and narrow riverbeds, often filled with flowing water, using a combination of techniques such as hiking, climbing, swimming, and rappelling.

Descending these natural waterways, our Artu adventurers are rewarded with a deep sense of connection to the earth's raw beauty, as they pass beneath towering cliffs, splash through crystal-clear pools, and discover hidden waterfalls. Canyoning is not only a physical challenge but also a mental one, requiring problem-solving skills and teamwork


Get a round in

For a more relaxing activity, the local Golf Club Perelada, TorreMirona or Camiral Golf offers one of the best courses on the Costa Brava. A lush courses set against a backdrop of mountains and ocean, it’s perfect for beginners to seasoned pros. Enjoy camaraderie with other guests, engage in conversation and strategise shots. There’re also a golf schools if you’re a first-timer or you just want to improve your game.

Water Sports

Take me to the ocean

With Funtastic the Costa Brava is your oyster, whether you want to jet ski, rent a boat, windsurf, go banana boating, or set sail in a catamaran, there’s something for every water adventure. Spend the whole day at sea, relaxing on a boat soaking in the sea air and salt, and the ultraviolet or have a lot of fun trying different water sports over a few days. With expert instructors you’re in safe hands to find your next hobby.

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