Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

Immerse yourself in Catalan culture

Catalonia is renowned for its distinct cultural identity, with romantic traditions and celebrations, phenomenal architecture, rich cuisine, a prominent art and music scene and deep-rooted language.

Explore the culture, feel the heartbeat and preserve the heritage.

Girona Old Town

The beating heart of Girona

Girona's Old Town is a captivating labyrinth of medieval charm and historical intrigue. Explore the Jewish Quarter (Call), the Cathedral of Girona and the Plaça de la Independència - a lively square surrounded by colourful buildings and bustling cafes.

With a history that spans over a thousand years, the Old Town is a living tapestry of cobblestone streets, ancient walls, and architectural treasures; the vibrancy of Girona all wrapped up in one place.


Journey back to medieval magic

Besalú, a picturesque medieval town nestled in the Garrotxa region, is a living testament to the region's rich history and architectural heritage. Be transported back to a bygone Medieval era. The iconic 12th-century Romanesque bridge greets you as the gateway to the town, while the Church of Sant Pere and the Monastery of Sant Pere de Besalú both stand as amazing dedications to the Benedictine community.

Visit the Jewish baths and noble houses or have a sightseeing stop at a charming cafe in the central square.

Figueres - Dali Museum

A window into the world of surrealism

Figueres, a town in Catalonia, Spain, is renowned as the birthplace of surrealist master Salvador Dalí and home to the captivating Dalí Theatre-Museum.

The museum is a surreal masterpiece showcasing Dalí's eccentric genius in every corner. From bizarre sculptures to dreamlike paintings, visitors are immersed in the whimsical world of Dalí's imagination. The building's facade is a work of art adorned with giant eggs and golden statues. Inside, the collection spans Dalí's entire career, featuring iconic works like "The Persistence of Memory."

Theatre MuseumIt's an incredible opportunity to explore the boundaries of reality and creativity.

Cadaques - Dali House

The home of an iconic artist

The Salvador Dalí House is a captivating testament to the surreal genius of one of the 20th century's renowned artists, Salvador Dalí. Located in a picturesque fishing village on the Costa Brava, this unique residence was not just Dalí's home but also his most incredible artwork.

If you visit while staying at Artu, you’ll get a fascinating glimpse into his imaginative world - explore the spaces where Dalí lived and worked, gaining insight into the artist's mind and his profound influence on surrealism. The Salvador Dalí House is a must-visit destination for our community’s art enthusiasts and those curious about this iconic artist's surreal and fantastical world.

Peralada Festival

A must in the Mediterranean summer calendar

The Castell de Peralada Festival is a cultural extravaganza with a blend of music, dance, theatre, and art set against the backdrop of a stunning mediaeval castle in the charming nearby town of Peralada. With a rich history dating back to the 14th century, the festival attracts renowned international artists who grace its stages, making it a cultural gem in the Mediterranean summer calendar.

From classical music performances and contemporary dance shows to opera productions and art exhibitions, Castell de Peralada offers a diverse array of artistic experiences. It’s a truly magical setting and experience, and we’d recommend it to any of our guests who want to witness history and culture converge.

Food - Can Roca

A culinary masterpiece

Nearby Can Roca is a culinary gem celebrated worldwide for its exceptional gastronomic experience. The three Roca brothers—Joan, Josep, and Jordi—have seamlessly blended their talents to create a dining haven that transcends the ordinary. 

Joan is the head chef, placing a creative twist on Catalan culinary traditions, while Joseph, the sommelier elevates the dining experience with impeccable wine pairings. Jordi, the pastry chef, is responsible for the sweet finale with his delicious desserts. 

Can Roca hold prestigious accolades, including being named the World's Best Restaurant in 2013 and consistently ranking high in international culinary rankings? A meal at Can Roca is not just dining; it's an exploration of culinary artistry, a celebration of Catalan flavours, and a testament to the Roca brothers' mastery of their craft.

Wine Tasting

Savouring elegance

Wine tasting at Perelada is an exquisite journey for the senses, where one can savour the complexities and nuances of this ancient beverage. Perelada has been making wine traditionally for over six centuries, and each bottle expresses the rich bounty and nuances of the Empordà.

Wine enthusiasts can sample a variety of wines with unique characters influenced by the grapes, terroir and winemaking process. Wine tasting encourages an appreciation of the subtleties and a rich vocabulary for describing - whether you're a novice or a seasoned oenophile, it also offers a deeper connection to the culture, history, and artistry of the local area and its produce. A calmer and more cultured way to spend a day at Artu is hard to think of.

Pottery Workshop

Handmade by you

The Girona area has many clay and ceramic factories, so in Artu’s in-house pottery workshops, you can learn the local artisan skills with the creatively enriching and therapeutic experience of handling clay. Delve into the art of shaping clay into unique and functional pieces. Guided by skilled instructors, you learn the delicate balance of patience and precision, as you mould, pinch, coil, and shape clay into pottery that reflects your personal style. Our pottery classes offer a unique sense of accomplishment, as you witness our creations take form, from raw clay to finished, glazed pieces to take home.

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