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Artu events are central to our membership, with transformative cycling and multi-sport challenges that will change your health, fitness and mentality. To have a holiday that’s truly your own, we encourage our guests to personalise their stay with the experiences on offer.


By track or by road

Cycling is at the core of the Artu community. Can Terrades is located in some of the world’s best cycling countryside, so there are few places on earth more perfect for cyclists of all abilities to be challenged.


Different sports for maximum impact

Push your body to excel in various arenas, and embrace the contrasting challenges each game and sport presents. Multi-sports celebrate the human body's versatility. Dive into the sports we have on offer to find your new physical pursuit.


Navigate to peak wellness

Cultivating healthy practices is paramount. Our health experiences combine regular exercise to invigorate the body and sharpen the mind, a well-balanced diet rich in nutrients to energise and fuel the body, and mindfulness to improve sleep and recovery.


A new memory, just a click away

The Artu calendar of events is like no other. Health treats that revitalise you, cycling tours worthy of the pros, or the chance to climb the most famous summits in the Alps - every event Artu creates is truly extraordinary. And the partners we work with give you access to the best equipment, kit and coaching in the world.

A transformative adventure awaits.

Customise your trip

Customise your trip

Your tastes and wishes catered for

Customise your stay

Handpicking activities, events and bespoke elements adds an extra special touch to
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